About us

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What's ClubJoy?
ClubJoy provides sports clubs and fitness centers with challenging pre-choreographed group fitness classes. In The Netherlands more than 500 clubs have joined ClubJoy already. Quality, professional passion, fun and smooth cooperation with sports clubs are ClubJoy’s key values. Whether you want to improve your physical fitness, your shape, your inner balance, or you just want to exercise and have fun. With ten high quality programmes, ClubJoy always has the perfect workout for everyone. ClubJoy is: working together for your fitness. ClubJoy is: fun!

Important features of our workouts?
- Motivating: working out together with a professional coach is inspiring.
- Innovating: every three months you receive a new workout for each programme.
- Easy to follow: classes are accessible for everyone.
- ClubJoy will boost your energy!!!


ClubJoy works with numerous renowned parties from the Dutch fitness industry. For ClubJoy members we have obtained interesting discounts on the purchase of products from our partners. They are much obliged to provide you high quality products and excellent services. Press on our partner’s logo down below to discover what special offer they have in store for you.

If you have any specific questions or requests, you can send an e-mail to info@clubjoy.nl or you can call us on: 010-7420107 (from monday until thursday 09:30 - 16:30).


ClubJoy programme highlights

ClubJoy Dance® is a group training where you can experience a great amount of fun, while you’re burning calories. During this class you will dance at your own level and swing from one dance style to the other: Latin, hip-hop and streetdance. ClubJoy Dance® is a dynamic class full of fantastic cool moves!

ClubJoy Power® is an extremely efficient group training in which you use a barbell and loose weights. The amount of weight you use can be adjusted according to your own desires. ClubJoy Power® is the ultimate workout if you wish to work your entire body. You will feel better, you will build up strength and have more energy.

ClubJoy Cycle® is an indoor cycling programme designed for everyone who wants to lose weight or wants to improve their physical condition. It is one of our most popular programmes. Fast results are just around the corner with this programme, thanks to an increased fat metabolism. Excellent music will give you even more energy during this class.

ClubJoy Battle® is an effective training programme, inspired on moves derived from karate, boxing or other eastern martial arts. Your training consists of dynamic kick and punch techniques, combined with calm movements. It’s a physical and mental activity.

ClubJoy Challenge® is an effective functional training where you can improve your physical fitness in a fast, easy but most of all, safe manner. Fun, diversity and of course the high intensity of this 30-minute workout will guarantee fast results.

ClubJoy Fit & Shape® is our most versatile group fitness class which contains a broad variety of different exercises, performed on the best music of the past and present. It’s a nice way to work on your coordination, agility, speed, respiratory and cardiovascular condition, muscle strength and your mental and physical well-being.

ClubJoy Step® is a group training in which you use an in height adjustable bench (a step) of which you step on and off. You will see results fast with this programme thanks to a high fat metabolism. Every class you are constantly stepping on and off the step! The music is contagious and you’ll improve your physical fitness.

ClubJoy Yoga® is a training in which you work on balancing body and soul. Fitness is much more than building muscular strength. Your mind needs attention as well. ClubJoy Yoga® is based on principles from the Far East, where many people practice yoga and tai chi.

ClubJoy Fiesta® is a simple and highly contagious dance workout. It feels like going with your friends and hitting the dancefloor all night. It’s the perfect training to burn fat, to strengthen muscles and to improve your shape. ClubJoy Fiesta® proves that sports and fun can go hand in hand.

ClubJoy Core® is an efficient workout for your core. In 30 minutes you’ll train 3 major muscle groups with threefold result. You’re shaping your body, you improve your stability and balance and you prevent injuries. That’s how you improve your physical health with just one single workout.