Most frequently asked questions:

1) How long does ClubJoy exist?
ClubJoy exists since 2002.

2) How many health clubs are ClubJoy member?
At this moment, more than 500 clubs in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are using one or more ClubJoy workout classes at their facility.

3) What is the power of ClubJoy?
ClubJoy's strength is based on three key elements: 1) the ability to process member feedback almost immediately; 2) in our choreographing process, we constantly anticipate on the latest developments on our national fitness market, and 3) we provide health clubs the opportunity to make (or keep) their group fitness segment efficient and profitable.

4) How can I become a ClubJoy Member?
All health clubs with one or more (still active) ClubJoy licenses automatically become a ClubJoy Member as well. This means they have full access to the "Member Area" on our website.

5) Where can I find the license fees for the ClubJoy programmes?
Our website is most frequently visited by ClubJoy instructors or gym members. That's why we chose not to display our license fees on our website. If you are interested in our license fees, please feel free to contact our office. For contact information, please click on the following link: contact ClubJoy.

6) How can I become a ClubJoy instructor?
To become a ClubJoy instructor, you need to pass our 'live' exam. Before doing the final test, you need to participate in our regular 5-days instructor training course, or our incompany training course. For more detailed information about our education opportunities, please click here.

7) How can I obtain a license for (a) ClubJoy programme(s)?
Our account managers will help you with the purchase of one or more licenses. Please contact our office if you wish to make a non-binding appointment with one of our account managers. For redirection to our contact page, please click here.

8) Does ClubJoy provide health clubs with promotional materials?
Yes. ClubJoy delivers the following promotional materials: promotional videos to display on your tv-screen or website, banners, posters, threefold flyers, free class tickets and a wide variety of digital photo materials. If you are a ClubJoy customer who wishes to receive promotional material(s), please feel free to contact our office during our office hours. For redirection to our contact page please click here.

9) Can I provide feedback on the latest editions of the ClubJoy programmes?

We always appreciate it when more experienced instructors provide feedback on our programmes. You can download our feedback form via the 'Member Area' (only accessible for licensees) on our website, which makes it easy to give us the feedback you wish to share.

10) Is it possible to suggest an audio track which can be used in a specific ClubJoy programme?
Every ClubJoy instructor can make a music suggestion through our website. However, there's a little chance that the suggested track will be used because we are bound to strict regulations conceming music rights. For more information, please click here.

11) In what countries can we find ClubJoy activities?

Besides The Netherlands, ClubJoy is currently active in Belgium, Germany and Russia. ClubJoy has specific export plans to expand its activities towards other European countries in the near future.

12) What actions does ClubJoy undertake in respect of professionalization?
ClubJoy is constantly focusing on improving its competences. The competences that have our permanent attention are: education and coaching of our team members, competitive music selection and choreographies, professional promotion materials, highly professional ClubJoy instructor training courses and maintaining close contact with ClubJoy members.

13) What does a quarterly package contain?
The ClubJoy quarterly package contains: one audio cd from the latest programme edition, two launching posters and the outlines (written choreography, only obtainable for licensees through a download link). Furthermore, in our Member Area you can find a download that's available for ClubJoy instructors only. This download will lead to the latest masterclasses of our programmes and important information/education.

14) What profit do I get from visiting a quarterly day or Convention?
Attending a quarterly day or convention will leave you with two major advantages. First of all, experiencing (the uplifting spirit) a live masterclass with other instructors will boost your motivation. Second, on these days we provide a selection of workshops and lectures to enhance your knowledge and improve your teaching skills.

15) Does my health club still has to pay to BUMA / STEMRA for using the music from the ClubJoy workouts?
The answer is: YES. ClubJoy pays for the right to use the music on the audio cd's which you can use during the workouts. That explicitly does not implicate that ClubJoy owns this music.

BUMA / STEMRA states: public facilities have to pay for playing the music in public. In determining the amount that has to be payed, the number of square meters (of the public areas) are taken into account. The music has to be defined as: music played on the radio, music played from a cd, music played on TV or music from a live performance/ concert from a known artist, etc.

We are not in the position to - and therefore cannot - alter these official regulations. Therefore, it is not allowed to avoid payment to BUMA / STEMRA (for playing music in public facilities) in any way possible. More information on this topic can be found on the website www.bumastemra.nl.