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What is ClubJoy Battle®?

ClubJoy Battle® is an effective training programme based on movements derived from karate, boxing and other martial arts from the Far East. The group training consists of dynamic kick and punch techniques, combined with slow movements. ClubJoy Battle® is much more than a fitness programme. Next to physical fitness, you also improve mental well-being.


Is ClubJoy Battle® my sort of thing?

ClubJoy Battle® is designed for those who intend to improve physical and mental well-being. During this intensive class you will go to any length, however you set your own limits. Young or old, male or female, beginner or intermediate: everyone is working on their personal goals with ClubJoy Battle®.


What does a ClubJoy Battle® class look like?

The eastern atmosphere, combined with the western swiftness is what characterizes a ClubJoy Battle® class. The music will lead the way. Heavy beats are followed by calming sounds. Your coach will challenge you to exhale out loud at the following kick or punch exercise. The atmosphere and the eastern way of thinking offers you the possibility to escape all-day arousal during this challenging training.

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Benefits ClubJoy Battle®:

  • Physical and mental training in one workout.

  • Eastern way of living offers inspiration.

  • Optimal balance between relaxation and effort.

  • Easy to follow and therefor suitable for everyone. 

Results ClubJoy Battle®:

  • Improvement of your physical fitness, fat metabolism and coordination.

  • Improvement of your mental well-being and inner balance.

  • During a ClubJoy Battle® you will burn about 650 calories.