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What is ClubJoy Challenge®?

ClubJoy Challenge® is a powerful 30-minute workout to improve your physical fitness fast, but in a fun and responsible manner. De main class focus lies with functional group training. Fun, diversity and high intensity make this total body workout highly effective and it will make you see results fast.


Is ClubJoy Challenge® my sort of thing?

ClubJoy Challenge® is fitting for everyone, irrespective of their fitness level or age. This class is your personal challenge. In other words: you won’t be competing others, you are your own competition. In a ClubJoy Challenge® class you will be astonished by your own achievements. The perfect class for everyone who desires a killer body or a perfect physical condition.


What does a ClubJoy Challenge® class look like?

You work all major muscle groups while you are encouraged by your trainer and your team. Team training is an essential part of this class: you support each other to push limits even further. A highly effective training method that makes you stronger and keeps you going. With ClubJoy Challenge® your accomplishments will be mind blowing!

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Benefits ClubJoy Challenge®:

  • A 30-minute total body workout. Ideal for those who are on a busy schedule.

  • Your trainer and group members assure maximum motivation.

  • Scientifically proven training formula.

  • Awesome and challenging workout.

Results ClubJoy Challenge®:

  • Fast improvement of coordination, shape and physical condition.

  • Increases strength and improves fat metabolism.

  • During a ClubJoy Challenge® class you’ll burn approximately 450 calories.