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ClubJoy Core® is an efficient 30-minute workout to train your entire core muscles in a safe and effective way. Your midsection, glutes and back will become stronger and sculpted. Functional training is a key element of this class. Together with your team mates you target your core muscles. This training method, combined with high intensity, assures fast results.


Is ClubJoy Core® my sort of thing?

ClubJoy Core® is suited for everyone: young or old. Strengthening your core muscles will give you a perfectly shaped body. Sounds great right? However, there’s more! ClubJoy Core® improves your balance and stability which prevents development of injuries. Significant improvement of your shape and physical fitness is what you will achieve by following this single workout. You’ll be amazed by the results ClubJoy Core® can offer you!

What does a ClubJoy Core® class look like?

You train all the muscles from the center of your body (the core). With ClubJoy Core® you target your midsection, glutes and back in an intense manner. Working out twice a week will bring you fast results. ClubJoy Core® is a challenging class which requires stamina. The fact that you’re working out in a team and of course the fast results, will keep you motivated to continue exercising!  


Work on your Core & Share the fun!

Benefits ClubJoy Core®:

  • 30-minute core workout, which makes it the ideal workout for those on a busy schedule.

  • Strengthens glutes, abdominal- and back muscles.

  • Scientifically proven formula.

Results ClubJoy Core®:

  • Rapid improvement of your physical shape. 

  • Strong core and lean abs.

  • During a ClubJoy Core® class you’ll burn approximately 350 calories.