What is ClubJoy Cycle®?CJ BANNERS cycle DEF rgb

ClubJoy Cycle® is an indoor cycling programme suitable for everyone who wants to lose weight and improve their physical condition. It’s one of the most popular group training programmes. Riding a bike: we were all born and raised with it and we absolutely love it!  Fast results is what you can expect from this programme, because it burns fat fast. The best music will boost your energy during this challenging routine.


Is ClubJoy Cycle® my sort of thing?

ClubJoy Cycle® is designed for everyone who wants to train with determination in order to achieve the best shape ever! Every week your coach will motivate you to push it even beyond your limits. Young or old, male or female, beginner or advanced, everyone can join this class and set their individual goals.


What does a ClubJoy Cycle® class look like?

This class is full of versatile high energy music that will motivate you to move as fast as you can. During this class you will be taken on a cycling trip over the highest mountains and through the deepest valleys. Thanks to your coach and the careful selected exercises, you will experience the perfect balance between effort and relaxation. While you’re enjoying the music, your hard work will be rewarded with a healthier and fitter body.

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Benefits ClubJoy Cycle®:

  • Easy to follow and suitable for everyone.

  • The music will inspire and motivate you and it guarantees FUN!

  • Workout on your own level. Adjust the intensity level according to your own wishes.

  • Effective training: fast results are guaranteed.

Results ClubJoy Cycle®:

  • Sublime fat burning which guarantees a sculpted midsection, glutes and legs.

  • Fast improvement of your physical condition.

  • During a ClubJoy Cycle® class you’ll burn about 725 calories.