What is ClubJoy Dance®?CJ BANNERS dance DEF rgb3

ClubJoy Dance® is a group fitness training where you can burn calories while having fun. During this class you will dance on your own level and at your own pace on a great variety of different dance styles, such as Latin, hip-hop and streetdance. ClubJoy Dance® is a dynamic class with plenty of cool moves and of course we won’t forget to make you sweat!


Is ClubJoy Dance® my sort of thing?

ClubJoy Dance® is for everyone who loves to dance and wants to improve their condition at the same time. ClubJoy Dance® is challenging, but you decide how far you will go. Every week your coach will motivate you to work for it. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, starter or intermediate, it doesn’t matter. Together you will have a blast during this sweat dripping workout that will shape your body!


What does a ClubJoy Dance® class look like?

When the music starts to play, your feet start dancing and you will lift your hands up high. The party continues and songs keep passing by. Quitting is not an option! Your hips will sway as if you were dancing on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. When the next song kicks in, you suddenly are dancing on the coolest choreographies from the latest MTV videos.

Share the dance & Share the fun!

Benefits ClubJoy Dance®:

  • Dance moves and music of all times: a trip down memory lane!

  • Easy to follow. Everyone can join this class.

  • Having a blast together while burning calories.

  • You learn how to dance a wide variety of different dance styles.

Results ClubJoy Dance®:

  • Improvement of your condition and shape.

  • You learn how to dance like famous popstars.

  • During a ClubJoy Dance® class you will burn about 450 calories.