What is ClubJoy Fiesta®?CJ BANNERS fiesta DEF rgb

ClubJoy Fiesta® is an easy to follow and highly contagious dance workout, with moves derived from different Latin dance styles. ClubJoy Fiesta® feels like going out with your friends. You just start swinging on the dancefloor. It’s the perfect workout to burn fat, tone your muscles and improve your physical condition. ClubJoy Fiesta® proves that exercising can be a party!


 Is ClubJoy Fiesta® my sort of thing?

ClubJoy Fiesta® is meant for everyone who wants to dance their way through an entire workout. Once you had a taste of this Latin-inspired party workout, you’ll be hooked for life. Because of its low threshold, ClubJoy Fiesta® is easy accessible and suitable for everyone: young or old, male or female, as long as you love to party!

What does a ClubJoy Fiesta® class look like?

The music determines the atmosphere during a ClubJoy Fiesta® class. When you hear the uplifting beats and feel the rhythm, it will make you want to dance without a doubt. Every week you’ll practice a different dance move, until you get the hang of it. And when you do, the intensity of the workout increases even more. Everyone is having fun on the dancefloor and you won’t even realize that you are actually shaping your body. After this workout you’ll go home with new energy! 


Share the party & Share the fun!

Benefits ClubJoy Fiesta®:

  • Highly contagious and effective.

  • Easy dance moves make it accessible for everyone.

  • Boosts your positive energy.

  • The music inspires and motivates you to dance and it creates a great atmosphere.

Results ClubJoy Fiesta®:

  • Improves your physical fitness, your sense of rhythm and your body shape.

  • Moves that target your midsection, glutes and legs.

  • During a ClubJoy Fiesta® class you will burn about 450 calories.