What is ClubJoy Fit & Shape®?

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ClubJoy Fit & Shape® is ClubJoy’s most versatile group fitness class. It contains a broad range of different exercises, performed on great music of the past and present. In a pleasant way you’ll be working on your coordination, agility, speed, physical and mental well-being and a positive attitude. In the Shape® part we improve our strength by using different materials: a mat, a resistance tube and loose weights. ClubJoy Fit & Shape® proves that sports, fun and health can go hand in hand easily.


Is ClubJoy Fit & Shape® my sort of thing?

ClubJoy Fit & Shape® is meant for everyone who wants to work on their physical fitness in a pleasant and varied way. ClubJoy Fit & Shape® is accessible for everyone, no matter how well-trained you are. During this class you can choose between high and low impact alternatives, which opens the door for all fitness levels. You don’t have to be fit to join this class, although you have to be mobile. ClubJoy Fit & Shape® is the ultimate group fitness programme to boost your physical fitness.


What does a ClubJoy Fit & Shape® class look like?

A ClubJoy Fit & Shape® class is extremely divers because every exercise is different. During the first part you’ll be working on your respiratory and cardiovascular system with easy to follow aerobics and dance moves. The second part consists of strength exercises. During this part of the class you’ll be performing different exercises with the use of a resistance tube and/or loose weights (dumbells or plates). The music and your coach will make sure that you’re motivated to give maximum effort during each exercise. Of course, you decide how far you’ll push your boundaries. After attending this class, you’ll feel energized, fit and flexible.  

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Benefits ClubJoy Fit & Shape®:

  • Complete and very versatile body training.

  • Recognizable music brings back good old memories, motivates and ensures FUN!

  • Straightforward and with low impact options, which makes it accessible for everyone. 

  • The use of different materials makes it possible to offer a varied training.

Results ClubJoy Fit & Shape®:

  • Positive influence on bones and joints.

  • Improvement of coordination, strength and mobility.

  • During a ClubJoy Fit & Shape® class you’ll burn between 400 and 600 calories.