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What is ClubJoy Power®?

ClubJoy Power® is a highly effective group training, with the use of a barbell and loose weights (plates). You decide how much weight you put on the barbell. The amount of weight can be adjusted easily. ClubJoy Power® is the optimal workout if you want to work your entire body. After this workout you will feel fitter, your strength will be improved and you’ll have more energy.


Is ClubJoy Power® my sort of thing?

ClubJoy Power® perfectly suits everyone who desires to workout with intention. Improvement of your physical fitness, your health and your well-being is what you’ll achieve with ClubJoy Power®. This programme is accessible for everyone: male or female, beginners or intermediates, young or old.


What does a ClubJoy Power® class look like?

Your trainer, the music and the high diversity in this programme guarantees an optimal workout every week. You train all muscle groups by doing different strength exercises with the use of a barbell and weights. For each muscle group a different track is used. This method assures a well-balanced training for your entire body. You train your legs, glutes, chest, back, arms (biceps and triceps), shoulders and abdominal muscles.


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Benefits ClubJoy Power®:

  • Inspirational music will motivate you and it adds fun to your class.

  • You decide the intensity level of your workout.

  • Versatile and challenging class routine. 

  • Easy to follow and therefor accessible for everyone.

Results ClubJoy Power®:

  • Effective method to improve muscle condition and muscle strength.

  • Positive effect on your energy level and body shape.

  • During a ClubJoy Power® class you will burn approximately 600 calories.