What is ClubJoy Step®?CJ BANNERS step DEF rgb

ClubJoy Step® is a training formula where you are constantly stepping on and off an in height adjustable bench (a step). With this programme your fat metabolism will fire up in no time, which guarantees fast results. No surprise if you consider the fact that you’re constantly stepping on and off the step every class. Shape your body and improve your condition while your coach and the motivating music inspires you to work as hard as you possibly can.


Is ClubJoy Step® my thing?

ClubJoy Step® is suitable for everyone who is determined to exercise. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, beginner or intermediate, anyone can join this class. You can set their own goals. Stop thinking and start doing is the expression. Challenge yourself and take your first step to a fitter body.


What does a ClubJoy Step® class look like?

You hear all different kinds of inspiring music with a maintainable tempo. The exercises are easy to follow.  Just tighten your abdominal muscles and hop on the step. You feel your glutes and leg muscles burning and sweat is dripping down your face. Your trainer motivates you to keep going at your own pace and turns a smile on your face. You’re doing great!


Share the energy & Share the fun!

Benefits ClubJoy Step®:

  • Versatile and challenging classes.

  • Easy, effective and fun!

  • Simplicity makes this class accessible for everyone. 

  • Different styles of music will inspire and motivate you during your class and guarantee FUN!

Results ClubJoy Step®:

  • Beneficial for physical fitness and shape because of an improved fat metabolism.

  • Tones your upper and lower body.

  • During a ClubJoy Step® class you’ll burn approximately 600 calories.