What is ClubJoy Yoga®?CJ BANNERS yoga DEF rgb

ClubJoy Yoga® is a training that influences body and mind. Fitness is much more than building a strong physique. Your mind needs to be nurtured as well. The foundation of ClubJoy Yoga® can be found in the Far East, where lots of humans practice yoga or tai chi. These old cultures live by the principle of inner balance. How can you find the right balance between effort and relaxation? ClubJoy Yoga® provides the answer to that question.


Is ClubJoy Yoga® my sort of thing?

ClubJoy Yoga® is suitable for a broad audience, regardless of age, fitness level or gender. When you’re healthy, ClubJoy Yoga® can help you to improve your shape. If you’re searching for balance in life, ClubJoy Yoga® can help you find it for sure.


What does a ClubJoy Yoga® class look like?

The voice of the coach and the sounds of the music will take you away from your daily hustle. Relaxation and effort will alternate with each other. The main purpose of each yoga exercise (asana) is to strengthen and lengthen the muscles, but they will feel relaxing at the same time. Every class you’ll focus on the perfect performance of one particular exercise, until you mastered each and every one of them. You will leave your class with an empty mind, a healthy body and revived energy.


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Benefits ClubJoy Yoga®:

  • Exercises to relax the body which you can practice at home.

  • A more balanced life.

  • Revived energy.

  • Relief of (lower) back problems and joint complaints.

Results ClubJoy Yoga®:

  • Improvement of coordination, flexibility and strength.

  • Strengthens the upper and lower body muscles.

  • During a ClubJoy Yoga® class you’ll burn approximately 350 calories.